Different Ways to Use Himalayan Salt Block in Your Kitchen

The pink Himalayan salt is known to be the purest salt present on this earth. It is also perhaps one of the most olden salts available to us. Because of its purity and its claim of having as many as 84 trace minerals, this salt happens to be very beneficial for human health.

For a salt with so many benefits, it would be a wonder if it hasn’t already made its place in your home. There are so many ways you can introduce Himalayan salt into your life. Be assured, once you get your hands on this salt, there is no turning back. You will be wanting more of it.

With so many uses and benefits, this salt can be labeled ‘versatile’. This piece will explicitly discuss how Himalayan salt blocks can be used in your kitchen. Let us warn you, this doesn’t only include delicious recipes. Brace yourself for some surprises.

What makes Himalayan salt blocks in your kitchen a smart choice?

In all honesty, swapping all your utensils and serving platters with Himalayan salt blocks for daily use might not sound like a smart idea. The salt blocks are not very durable for everyday use. However, using salt blocks in a number of ways on special occasions is sure to win you many compliments.

Using Himalayan salt blocks just to up your presentation game is not the only reason. There are plenty of other reasons that would leave you searching for a couple of salt blocks before the next dinner at your place.

  1. These salt blocks have a low porosity with almost negligible moisture trapped in them. This lets the blocks reach extreme temperatures without any damage. This is yet another characteristic which makes them ideal tool for use in the kitchen.
  2. The Pink Himalayan salt blocks have a crystal lattice with a high specific energy. This makes them hold their temperatures for long periods of time hence making them ideal for cooking or serving.
  3. These salt blocks contain trace minerals. These minerals are already present in the human body and are necessary for the functioning of the body. Food cooked or served on the salt blocks gets infused with these minerals along with the salt and is full of minerals plus the extra salty ‘kick’.
  4. The melting point of this salt touches a whopping 800.8 degrees Celsius.
  5. The salt slabs are structured in such a manner that their contact with food is minimal. This ensures the food doesn’t get too salty.

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How to use the salt blocks in your kitchen?

There are a lot of interesting ways to use salt blocks in your kitchen. It is not only the plethora of health benefits that make Himalayan salt an ideal choice for your kitchen. Apart from being good for health, they are a pleasure to look at. They give out a rustic look that would go well with any décor.

You can use Himalayan salt blocks for cooking, serving, cooling or even heating your food.

1. Tempering:

You need to treat your salt block; this is called tempering. This improves the durability of the salt block. The process of tempering is very simple. You have to ‘slow bake’ the salt slab. Just put the slab in the oven at the lowest temperature. Now keep increasing 50 degrees of temperature after every 30 minutes until it reaches 500 degrees. Turn off the oven and let the slab cool on its own. Your slab is now ready to be used.

2. Heating:

The heating process of the salt slabs is simple with a few technicalities. These slabs can be heated on a grill, on a stove and even in an oven. Just make sure the heating process is carried out slowly and gradually.

Start off with a low temperature and gradually keep on increasing the temperature with time. Give the slab some time to reach the desired temperature before increasing the heat.

Heating the blocks can be used for two purposes; cooking and serving.

3. Cooking:

Cooking on a salt block can be a fun and different experience. Since the salt slab can retain a particular temperature for long periods, you can cook on it for several hours once the slab is heated.

It is best to check and confirm the temperature. An under heated slab might yield uncooked and salty food while an overheated might burn the food.

Go with fast cooking foods while cooking on a salt slab. Best choices are vegetables, seafood, and meats with lean cuts.

Avoid food with too much moisture or oil. It may seep into the cracks of the slab and lessen its life.

4. Serving:

Serving your food on a salt block is a fabulous idea. The salt slabs can be heated or cooled to desired temperatures and then used as serving platters. The food served will retain its temperature for long because of the slab.Keep in mind that wet foods may get infused with the salt and get a salty edge to their flavor.

How to take care of the salt blocks and make them last longer?

Himalayan pink salt. Salt plates. Bars of salt for cooking.

Like all the other things around our house, these salt blocks need some extra care too. This extra care ensures that salt blocks are not damaged and last longer. There is no doubt that a little pampering can go a long way.

Follow these simple steps in taking care of your salt blocks.

  • Avoid moisture as much as possible. Make sure the slab is completely rested and dry prior to heating it.
  • Do not put your salt slab in a dishwasher. You will be left empty handed with a dishwasher that needs to be serviced and fixed.
  • Wipe clean the surface. Scrub with a sponge if absolutely necessary.
  • Towel dry and keep in a dry place.
Himalayan salt blocks are nature’s way of presenting us with a gift that can help us in fighting off elements that are detrimental to our health.

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