Rachel Ray Porcelain Enamel Cookware Review

I was always fond of using stainless steel cookware and hesitated to use non-stick cookware. But once my friend gifted me the Rachel Ray porcelain enamel non-stick 10-piece cookware. I was a bit conscious of using that cookware, but it completely changed my concept of non-stick cookware.

After several months’ usage, this cookware is still showing the best cooking results. The material is so sturdy that the cookware still looks new. Moreover, the cookware contains all the essential pots and pans that we need for daily cooking.

Reliable products:

When I used the Rachel Ray porcelain enamel cookware, it increased my interest to know about other Racheal Ray products. I came to know that Rachael Ray produces hard-anodized non-stick cookware, aluminum cookware and stainless steel cookware. The cast-iron skillets are also available, it means the Rachel Ray is caring for every cook’s needs and demands.

The Rachael Ray is a brand that has showed the novelty and expertise in all types of cookware. Different people have different choices when it comes to buying cookware. Only an experienced and well-known brand can satisfy the needs and desires of everyone. The Rachael Ray has made several non-stick cookware that the majority of people love to use, and this porcelain enamel non-stick cookware is also phenomenal in its performance.

My first experience with the Rachael Ray cookware:

As I told before, I preferred other cookware and avoided the non-stick cookware mostly. When I unboxed the Rachel Ray porcelain enamel non-stick cookware, its orange color looked quite attractive to me. I used the 8-inch skillet pan for frying eggs for breakfast and seriously, I loved my cooking experience.

I was so enthusiastic about using the other pots and pans of the Rachel Ray cookware that I made lunch and dinner in the same cookware that day. I used this cookware for the whole day cooking and enjoyed preparing all the meals. That day I thought why I refused to use non-stick cookware for so long. It was convenient to cook and easy to wash, so it refreshed my mood.

What does cookware include?

The Rachel Ray porcelain enamel cookware contains 10 pieces. The cookware includes 8 and 10-inch skillets, the 3 and1- 1/2 quart saucepans with lids. A 6-quart stockpot with lid and 10-inch sauté pan with lid is also available in this cookware.

The saucepans available in the cookware set are so appropriate for making various sauces and noodles instantly. Make delicious soups and stews or boil pasta in the large stockpot. The skillets of the cookware are perfect for making omelets or frying eggs, fish and chicken. 

The cookware material is durable and long-lasting that I observed over time. The non-stick interior coating doesn’t peel off after a few uses. The exterior porcelain enamel finishing not only gives it a classy and trendy look but also remains the same for years to come.

The Rachael Ray cookware contains everything; we need for every sort of cooking. This cookware is also perfect for large family usage. (If you want to learn more about the best cookware set for a large family, then click the link below)


The design of Rachel Ray looks fabulous and incredible. The pots and pans are wide, and the rims are perfect for secure pouring. This orange-colored cookware is available in two more colors, blue and green. The colorful cookware looks phenomenal in the kitchen and attracts and compels everyone towards cooking.

The overall design mattes a lot. The long handles are covered with the silicone coating for secure handling. The riveter handles are attached firmly because once they break, the pan is of no use. Each handle contains a hanging hole for dangling it on the kitchen wall, in this way it saves a lot of space and looks phenomenal on the wall. The loop-style aluminum handles of saucepot allow reliable and secure grip.

The tempered glass lids lock the moisture and heat inside for flawless cooking. When the lids are made up of glass, there is no need to remove the lid repeatedly to see what’s happening inside, it’s easy to monitor the cooking process. The lid is also required to cover the leftover food. These glass lids have top-mounted handles for secure removing of lids from pots.


Whenever you want to buy new cookware, give much consideration to the material because all the strength lies in its material. The Rachael Ray porcelain enamel cookware is sturdy and robust because of its porcelain enamel exterior. The porcelain enamel coating provides even heat distribution to the cookware without hot spots. The even heat distribution makes cooking fast and doesn’t let the food burn. The cookware is made up of durable aluminum which keeps the pots and pans safe from any dent or corrosion.

The interior non-stick coating is advantageous for various reasons. When the food doesn’t stick at the bottom of pots and pans, then cleaning is not a difficult task. The non-stick coating is hygienic to use because the food requires little or no oil for cooking. Moreover, flipping and tossing become comfortable with the non-stick coating.

This cookware is compatible with all cooktops. Most cookware is not induction compatible, and the people who own induction cooktops have a minimal choice in cookware. But Rachael Ray is suitable for all the cooktops so, everyone can buy it.

The Rachael Ray cookware is providing all the facilities; one can expect cookware to deliver. The cookware is able to sustain 400°f oven temperatures. So, try new recipes without any issue or heat up the previously cooked food in the oven, it’s safe. The cleaning of this cookware is not a hectic task. Simply wash the pots and pans by hand for the prolonged life of this remarkable cookware.

Why use this cookware?

When a cookware has more advantages than others, it’s better to prefer that one. I have used this cookware for several times, that’s why I can confidently ask everyone to give it a chance. The Rachael Ray cookware is durable, convenient to use, and the price is also affordable. This cookware will last for years, so what you desire next when spending money once but getting superb results for a longer time.

Downsides of the cookware:

There is no doubt in the exceptional performance of this cookware, but every picture has a darker side. The Rachael Ray cookware is not dishwasher safe, and it is clearly recommended to wash it by hand only. The washing of this cookware is so easy because the non-stick coating releases the food conveniently so, nothing is left behind, which will ruin your time.

It’s better not to use metal utensils to keep its non-stick surface unscratched. Use the wooden, plastic or nylon spatulas, whisks and spoons for longer life of the non-stick coating.

Final words:

When you are buying high brand cookware that has made its name over time, it means you are not wasting your money. The Racheal Ray porcelain enamel non-stick cookware is a versatile, durable and splendid cookware. So, if you choose to buy this cookware, you will definitely enjoy your cooking experience every time.

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