What is the Difference Between Wooden and Bamboo Cutting Boards?

what is the difference between wooden and bamboo cutting boards

There are numerous variations among the best wooden cutting board and a bamboo cutting board.

Low Maintenance Wood

Wood choice has constantly been the maximum critical part of choosing a great cutting board. The best wood cutting boards have generally been product of out dense woods, such as maple, walnut or cherry vs. Porous woods such as pink oak.


Having a dense wooden is vital, because it continues out water that is where bacteria grow and live. Even with high nice wood however, cutting boards generally require ordinary preservation with mineral oil or beeswax to preserve the wooden from cracking and warping.

One major cause the best wood cutting board have gained popularity in current years is because they may be nearly renovation free due to the hard density of the timber. Bamboo resists retaining water and as an end result, will now not warp or crack as without problems as normal wooden. That stated, it’s no longer encouraged to position a bamboo board in a dishwasher due to the acute heat.

If you try and make a dependency of wiping dry your bamboo board after washing, there’s no cause you shouldn’t be able to keep it for years.

Superior Health and Sanitation

Even the toughest of maple can be scarred with the aid of a cook’s knife, as a way to go away wallet for moisture, food particles and micro organism to build up. Bamboo, then again, is often dense enough to face up to knife scarring and clearly resists water penetration and letting micro organism locate a place to shape.

That stated, it's constantly endorsed to apply right hygiene strategies to easy your bamboo butcher block by using hot water and cleaning soap or a dilution of bleach and water (1 tablespoon of bleach in step with gallon of water).

Bamboo Butcher Block Looks Good

As a certainly mild wood with a great grain, many chefs love the natural appearance of bamboo and the cutting-edge beauty that it conveys. Many clothier kitchens now recreation huge bamboo slicing boards as the grain may be uniform and homogeneous, leading to a chic and tasteful search for a stylish kitchen.

Plus, without having to worry approximately wood scarring, your bamboo board should preserve to appearance clean and sleek for a long time. In addition, because of the resistance to soaking up water, bamboo is less probable to crack and cut up like regular wooden boards. Bamboo also resists staining, that's often an difficulty with meats and acidic flora inclusive of tomatoes.

Green, Renewable and Earth Friendly

Easily sourced, bamboo is a enormously renewable aid. Most humans don’t realize that bamboo is technically a grass instead of tree that is suitable due to the fact that it’s one of the fastest growing plant lives in the world. In truth, a normal bamboo shoot can turn out to be absolutely mature inside three to six years before its far reduces for harvest. On the other hand, maples bushes can take over 30 years to fully mature and might stay to over a hundred and fifty years.

Due to the lenience of bamboo to its atmosphere, bamboo is easily grown and frequently raised physically because of the convenience of farming. Its brief growth allows bamboo to be economically harvested, that's why even developers and house owners have switched to the usage of bamboo because of its top notch sturdiness and affordability.

Be warned that a few bamboo products like, bamboo butcher block and the best wood cutting boards are processed the use of formaldehyde and glues, that can leech into your food and gas out through the years. You ought to usually test before buying a bamboo board that the manufacturer uses non-toxic treatment strategies or has organic practices.

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