7 Good Cooking Habits You Seriously Follows – Guest Post

Ever wondered why you fall sick despite following a healthy lifestyle? With an abundance of knowledge of how to live a healthy life, there is something missing which needs to be corrected for active and healthy life.

Often, we get so much into what food we are eating, that we forget that the good cooking habits are the first step of a healthy diet.

Healthy cooking does not mean that you have to become a gourmet chef or need to invest in the expensive cookware. What you require is the basic cooking habits to prepare food in a healthy way.

So, here we have put together a list of 7 good cooking habits you should seriously follow that makes a major difference in your cooking.

Good Cooking Habits:

  1. Read your recipe before you starting to cook

Excited to start cooking a new recipe? Great! But did you check the list of ingredients required to make that recipe?  Nothing is worse than starting a new recipe and found that you don’t have a certain ingredient to cook that recipe.

So, to prevent this, always remember to gather everything that you require before start cooking. This will make the whole process of cooking smother and faster.

Also, while cooking, you must inherit this cooking habit in you to work in stages when preparing a recipe. Working in stages means washing, peeling, and cutting. This will make the whole process faster.


  1. Cut back on salt

We know that the too much salt is bad for us. So, the use of salt must be limited as much as possible. You can try to switch to other spices like black pepper or herbs like parsley, oregano etc.

Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned. You can go for additives like monosodium glutamate, baking soda, baking powder which are also sodium compounds.

There are dozens of options and different ingredients to add flavors to your low sodium meals. So, using them sometimes instead of salt will help you to balance your salt intake in the body which is good for health.

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  1. Keep your knives sharp or hone them

Sharp-edged knives are good for working in the kitchen. Regularly honing will keep knives sharp and in good working order. Having sharper knives will make cooking quicker, safer and easier.

If your knives aren’t sharp after honing and are dull to use in the kitchen, so it’s the time to replace them with the sharp-edged knives.

Dull knives slow you down whereas sharp knives make cooking more enjoyable and faster. Having a sharp blade will give you control over your chopping or chopping and you can cut your herbs or vegetables without any damage.


  1. Wear an apron and carry a Kitchen Towel

Aprons protect your clothes from a burn, food splatters and provide a handy way to carry your kitchen towel.

Kitchen towels are also very important to use while cooking. They are used to dry your wet hands or knives while cutting or working and protect you from a burn.

The kitchen towels are absorbent and durable and are used for drying dishes and for many other uses. Always keep these kitchen towels handy and in bulk, because you need a clean one every time you cook.

You can keep these towels in your aprons to quickly use it when needed. Kitchen towels are mostly made of cotton and they also enhance the décor of your kitchen as they come in different colors and designs.

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  1. Use a waste bucket near your cutting board

When you use a cutting board for chopping, put a damp paper towel or non-slip cupboard liner to have a stable surface while chopping. Always keep a waste bucket near your cutting board to put the waste of vegetables, fruits etc.

It is a very good cooking habit used for professionals and experts. This waste bucket is just a small bowl used by them to throw all the scarps during cooking so they don’t have to constantly walk to the garbage to throw things out and hence saves your cooking time.

It makes you a clean and most efficient cook.


  1. Microwave safely

When you warm food or defrost foods in the microwave, use those containers only which are labeled ‘microwave safe’.

The reason to use microwave safe only containers is that other containers undergo compositional changes at high temperatures and hence dangerous chemicals might impart into your dish when you use these containers in the microwave.

Safe containers let radiation pass through them so that only the food, not the container is heated.

Glass and ceramics are most preferred and are pretty safe to use, but while using plastic pots and bowls, they must be checked with the label before using.

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  1. Set up your kitchen well

Set up your kitchen in a way that most used items are within the reach and the heaviest items are stored on the lower shelves. This cooking habit will help you to work seamlessly without having to stop and grab more equipment.

You can create different zones depends on how you use your kitchen like:

  • Coffee or tea spot
  • Food preparation station:
  • Cooking station
  • Serving Station

Storing the most items near will help you in saving your time to carry them out from different places and storing heavy items near the ground (like food processors, cutting boards etc.) will save you the hassle of and makes your kitchen looks clean and well settled. Use non-stick cookware in your kitchen.


Along with all these cooking habits, you must always keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. Hygiene is very important in the kitchen for healthy cooking. Use separate cutting boards for different kinds of food. The one that is used for meat needs to be thoroughly washed.

Incorporating these healthy and good cooking habits will help your body to nourish well and prevents your body from various kinds of diseases.

Let’s get cooking and eat vital and healthy!

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