How to Create an On-Trend Shaker Kitchen in 2021

What is a shaker kitchen?

First off, you may be wondering what actually is a shaker kitchen? A shaker kitchen is a kitchen that is defined by its minimal and clean lined design. It usually has no decoration and every aspect of a shaker kitchen is very fitted and clean.

Despite being over 200 years old, the shaker kitchen style is still one of the most popular designs today and enjoys constant reinvigoration from the latest interior design trends. This year many of us have had plenty of time to consider how we’d like to transform our homes, and if you’d like to create a classic yet stylish shaker kitchen that’s up to date with the most innovative design concepts of 2021, then we’ve put together a fantastic guide on trends we can expect to see next year that will look stunning in a shaker style kitchen design.

A Bold Colour Choice

2019 was the year of navy blue and 2020 saw the rise of forest green, these gorgeous and daring shades aren’t going anywhere just yet. Having dipped our toes into the world of dramatic colour schemes, we might just see some more tones added to the palette including mysterious plum, deep turquoise and rich ochre. Bold colours are set to continue gracing our kitchens and are certainly worth considering incorporating into your new design. 

Brass & Copper Finishes

Nothing compliments a dark and intense colour scheme quite like luxurious and stylish metallic detailing. Think vintage inspired brass cup handles, ultra-sophisticated gold taps and why not go the whole hog and introduce gorgeous metallic accents to your choice of lighting and seating.

A Two-Tone Design

Our brave new approach to colour hasn’t just expressed itself in the explosion of immensely popular darker tones, we’re also going to see a much more creative layered application of colour. Whether you choose to pair similar colours or create a striking and energetic contrast, introducing multiple tones and shades to your walls, cabinetry and furniture is a fantastic way to add a unique and personal sense of depth, style and complexity to your interior.

Get Ahead with Beautiful Field Tiles

Out with the old and in with the new; field tiles are to 2021 what metro tiles were to 2019. Their square design brings a classic yet contemporary geometric vibe to a traditional shaker style kitchen. They make a practical and elegant solution to protecting your walls. You can choose from a brilliant range of colours so why not experiment and create an even more exclusive and stylish interior. 

Elegant Flooring

For years kitchen floors have been overlooked and underappreciated, but in 2021 this looks set to change. Chevron and herringbone wooden flooring gives a luxurious heritage feel while a range of engineered hardwood and high-quality vinyl options make it a remarkably attainable choice. For something different, consider a quirky mosaic tile design. Again, this look is simple and affordable to achieve with a stylish modern vinyl solution.

Versatile Dual Surface Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have been popular for some time now and, presenting a host of wonderful practical and aesthetic benefits, it’s easy to see why. To take your kitchen island to the next level in 2021 opt for a stepped design and accentuate this with contrasting surface materials. The dramatic lines will enhance its architectural structure, contributing to the island’s striking presence. 

Clever Storage Solutions

As kitchens become an increasingly central part of our homes, the demand to achieve a balance between practicality and aesthetic has grown more complex. Creating a beautiful clutter-free kitchen is equally important to the look and function of your space. Pantry cupboards offer the perfect nook to stow small countertop appliances and ingredients, drawers make accessing larger utensils much easier and open shelving allows you to find just the right balance between the pristine and the chaotic. 

Boiling Water Taps

What once seemed an unattainable luxury is set to become a vital feature in even the most traditional kitchens. Quooker has developed a new range of styles to cater to everyone’s taste, which combined with their incredible time and energy saving efficiency means they absolutely have to be at the top of your kitchen wishlist in 2021.

Having kept an eye on kitchen trends throughout the year, it’s safe to say we’ve created the definitive list of timeless yet stylish features you simply must consider including in your new  shaker style kitchen. From enhancing the look of your space to transforming its functionality, the latest trends are a wonderful place to find inspiration for your new design.

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